Pulling Weeds: A Preface.

June 20, 2010

Every good book starts with a preface.

Let me explain why I decided to join the hundreds of millions of people who blog regularly.  It’s not because I have a love for words, pouring out my soul via the worldwide web, or because I think it’s the thing to do.  Rather it’s because if you know me you know I most often speak quickly and labor to listen.  This is an attempt to listen.  Not to you, but to me.  Maybe this will be a thing I do for a season.  Maybe this is something I’ll do for years.  But hopefully it will be something that allows me to process what I’m reading, learning and hearing.  Investigate thoroughly who I am and what I stand for. Listen patiently as God expresses over and over again his fondness and love for us….for me.

Whether one person reads this or ten or a hundred my journey will not be any less fulfilling.

And lastly on the name.  I’ve been doing some yardwork and some gardening recently around my house.  I’ve discovered two things – both of which I already knew: 1) I procrastinate doing things that are hard and 2) pulling weeds are hard work.  The tap roots are often deeper than expected.  Sometimes the weeds have sharp barbs that make it hurt to pull out.  Sometimes they have pretty flowers on them giving me the illusion of something other than a weed.  This metaphor has been powerful for me these last few weeks.

Additionally, feel free to comment whenever and however you want.  If I’m going to be honest you should be able to be too.


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